The worth of book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it

-James Bryce

Down Home Blues, Phyllis R. Dixon

The saying “Home is Where the Heart Is” definitely applies to the Washington family. Although each of the siblings made their own way in life, they all ended up back in their small hometown- Eden, Arkansas. When the Washington family’s patriarch, C.W., begins dating shortly after his wife of nearly 50 years dies, the siblings seem compelled, albeit for different reasons, to stay close and monitor the situation. Along the way, each sibling battles their demons and faces their own challenges. As readers we get a front row seat as the Washington’s struggle to balance family loyalty against failing marriages, gambling addiction, domestic violence, stressful careers, and unemployment. Despite the many characters and their complicated subplots, this well written drama was an easy and enjoyable read. • 

Man On The Run, Carl Weber

Jay is on the run after escaping prison. He was serving time for a rape he did not commit. In order to clear his name, he went to the only people he knew would help, his friends. Man On The Run will test the loyalties of friendship, marriage, and family. Great read!