The worth of book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it

-James Bryce

The Lollipop Girl, Sheila Bell, Release Date: August 31, 92 pages

Synopsis: Fourteen-year old Polly Mathis is a quiet teenage girl with no friends and often teased by a rowdy group of boys at her school, Fairley High. But being teased at school isn't a big issue for her. It's what she faces once she leaves school and returns home to a mother who is too busy to be a mother. Because of her in and out male friends, Polly's mother wants Polly, who is her only child, out of the way so Polly spends most of her time living in the upstairs attic. When Polly meets Sharra, a new girl at school, they develop a close friendship. Sharra introduces Polly to her family and for the first time since her daddy left, Polly sees what a real family looks like, acts like, and sounds like. It makes her long for her daddy, the daddy who used to be in her life, who used to shower her with love and lollipops....until her mother sent him away. Will Polly be able to escape the mental abuse of her mom and find her daddy and love again? Will she ever experience the real love of a family and having someone to care about her? The Lollipop Girl addresses issues of mental and verbal abuse that unfortunately many young children and teens face in troubled homes today.

Almost Never, Brenda Barrett, Release Date: August 28, 147 pages

Synopsis: Businessman Josh Porter was burnt out. The most logical step was for him to take a vacation to Jamaica where he had recently bought a house. He had no intention to do anything other than vegetate for six months but his mother had other plans for him. Unable to correspond with her prison pen pal, she asks Josh to fill in for her. Josh reluctantly agrees and then unexpectedly gets involved with convicted killer Portia Gordon, to the point where he would do anything to see her go free.

Grand Opening 2: A Family Business Novel, Carl Weber, Release Date: August 28, 288 pages

Synopsis: From the minds of New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber and Essence bestseller La Jill Hunt comes the newest entry into the game-changing Family Business saga. The year is 1978, the Duncan brothers and their tough-as-nails women have vanquished their rivals and taken their place as the leaders of Waycross, Georgia’s criminal enterprises. However, their rise to power has not gone unnoticed, and the family is rocked when their mother, Ms. Bettie, is kidnapped and her body is found in a swamp. No one knows who the killers are, but instead of drawing closer, the family is split when their grief-stricken leader, LC, is offered membership in the South’s most powerful black organization, the Council. Membership has its privileges, but they do not include his brothers. LC packs up his growing family and moves to Atlanta to open his first car dealership. Unable to deal with his mother’s death, Lou Duncan searches for her killers with the help of an unlikely ally—LC’s ex-fiancée. Her presence may cost him his relationship with his brothers, but Lou is resigned to that fact because Donna’s help is instrumental in finding Ms. Bettie’s abductors. What he will soon learn is that his search for the truth will also lead him to discover a long-buried Duncan family secret.